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Shareholder Information

Investor Warning - Potential Scam

Shares Issued

As at 28 February 2017, the number of shares in issue was 244,174,908

Major Shareholders

As at 28 February 2017, shareholders holding more than 3% of the issued share capital of LiDCO Group Plc were:

Alto Invest 20,443,777 8.37%
Ingalls & Snyder LLC 20,066,692 8.22%
Old Mutual Wealth 16,924,440 6.93%
H J Leitch 16,806,183 6.88%
Herald Investment Management 16,666,667 6.83%
P A Brewer 15,884,747 6.51%
Dr T K O’Brien 10,796,563 4.42%
R M Greenshields 8,899,550 3.64%

Shares not in public hands

In accordance with the terms of the AIM rules and insofar as it is aware, as at 28 February 2017, 1.34% of the Company's AIM securities were no in public hands

Restrictions in Transfer of AIM Securities

There are no restrictions on the transfer of AIM securities of the Company.

Exchanges and trading platforms

The Company is not listed on any other exchanges or trading platforms, other than AIM.

Links to any circulars or similar publications sent to shareholders within the past 12 months are given below together with the Notice of AGM for the previous two years.

Notice of AGM held on 10 May 2017
Proxy of AGM held on 10 May 2017
Circular and Notice of GM dated 7 December 2016
Form of Proxy of GM held on 23 December 2016
Notice of AGM held on 25 May 2016
Form of Proxy of AGM held on 25 May 2016
Notice of AGM held on 13 May 2015
Page last up-dated: 27 March 2017