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Annual & Interim Reports

Reports are available to view and download in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF documents. To download it for free please click on the logo.

In addition, from 2005, the Annual Report is also available in an interactive format, which enables the Report to be searched, viewed on screen and printed in an easy-to-use process.

2016/17 Annual Report: PDF
2016 Interim Report: PDF
2015/16 Annual Report: PDF
2015 Interim Report: PDF
2014/15 Annual Report: PDF
2014 Interim Report: PDF
2013/14 Annual Report: PDF
2013 Interim Report: PDF
2012/13 Annual Report: PDF
2012 Interim Report: PDF
2011/12 Annual Report: PDF
2011 Interim Report: PDF
2010/11 Annual Report: PDF
2010 Interim Report: PDF
2009/10 Annual Report: PDF
2009 Interim Report: PDF
2008/9 Annual Report: PDF
2008 Interim Report: PDF
2007/8 Annual Report: PDF
2007 Interim Report: PDF
2006/7 Annual Report: PDF
2006 Interim Report: PDF
2005/6 Annual Report: PDF
2005 Interim Report: PDF
2004 Annual Report: PDF
2004 Interim Report: PDF
2003 Annual Report: PDF
2003 Interim Report: PDF
2002 Annual Report: PDF
2002 Interim Report: PDF
2001 Annual Report: PDF
2001 Interim Report: PDF

Note: The PDF downloads could take up to 30 seconds, so please be patient.

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