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Perioperative Medicine: The Pathway to Better Surgical Care in the UK

In January 2015, the UK’s Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) drew attention to the importance of improving the co-ordination of surgical care, particularly in the 15% of patients who are deemed to be high-risk. At a Stakeholder Event, the RCoA published a Vision Document and have made available a range of resources to assist members and other interested parties to implement changes and promote perioperative medicine for all potential surgical patients.

In its initiative, the RCoA draws attention to the clinical importance of multi-disciplinary care for pre-operative, intra-operative, early post-operative and late post-operative care of surgical patients as well as the social and economic impact on patients, their families and the wider NHS.

LiDCO’s technology can be used to improve outcomes in surgical patients at all points in their hospital stay. This RCoA initiative will help to further awareness of the importance of the use of LiDCO’s technology.

Click here to learn more at the RCoA website