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Introducing LiDCOrapid

The LiDCOrapid helps clinicians optimally deliver goal directed management (GDM) strategies using its patented and clinically validated PulseCO algorithm2-9. Developed for the acute care physician to get immediate feedback on a patient’s fluid and hemodynamic status.

see LiDCOrapid video here

The LiDCOrapid helps you optimally deliver goal directed management strategies.

Clinical benefits:

  • Early and fast warning of change
  • Clear indication of therapeutic route: fluid or drug
  • Quantification of hemodynamic response particularly stroke volume
  • More effective use of fluids – the right amount at the right time
  • Contributes to reduced morbidity and complications particularly infections
  • Reduced length of stay
  • Reduced overall cost of care

Parameters and features:

Facilitates SV optimisation while displaying:

  • Pressures – MAP, Systolic and Diastolic
  • Heart Rate
  • Stroke Volume and Cardiac Output (Scaled or Actual)
  • Dynamic Preload parameters – Pulse Pressure Variation (PPV) and Stroke Volume Variation (SVV)8
  • User selected event response window with continuous trending
  • History Screen with up to 24 hours of graphical trends
  • Chart screen for recording numeric data
  • User adjustable time scales