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LiDCOrapidv2 with Unity Software

LiDCOrapidv2 with Unity software is the latest addition to LiDCO’s suite of hemodynamic monitoring products and is a multi parameter monitor for consciousness, fluid and drug management of high-risk surgery patients. Building on the well established LiDCOrapid, the parameters of continuous non invasive blood pressure (CNAPTM) and level of consciousness (BISTM) have now been added. The LiDCOrapidv2 Unity product is a more complete hemodynamic monitoring solution enabling a wider range of patients to be monitored giving a choice of the degree of invasiveness according to the surgical and patent risk profile.

By monitoring level of consciousness and blood flow together on one monitor – both the anesthesia and fluids can be titrated more precisely and blood flow can be maintained near to targets such as pre-induction levels. The goal of avoiding hypotensive events, low blood flow and ultimately the accumulation of an oxygen debt is now more easily achieved. Excessive anesthesia, low blood pressure and oxygen debt are all important factors associated with the incidence of increased post-op complications and length of stay. Our new product allows clinicians to integrate multiple monitors reducing clutter, while providing a more comprehensive understanding of hemodynamic changes.

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