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LiDCO is a supplier of minimally invasive hemodynamic equipment to hospitals, to monitor the amount of blood flowing around the body and ensure that vital organs are adequately perfused and oxygenated. LiDCO's suite of complementary monitoring products facilitate the application of hemodynamic optimization protocols for high risk patients in general wards, operating theatres and critical care units. The technology stems from a development team with a multi-disciplinary approach aiming to transform complex physiological data into useable and effective information. LiDCO's strategy has been to apply a combination of physiological expertise, software, sensor and hardware technology to monitor and display the relationship between physiological variables.

Increasingly, clinical studies are showing that anesthesia optimization i.e. the optimization of patients' hemodynamic status and the level of anesthesia in high risk surgeries results in better outcomes and reduced morbidity & hospital stay. This evidence has now been recognised by NICE (UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) which has issued recommendations for fluid and also consciousness monitoring in high risk surgery patients in the NHS in England and Wales (MTG3 & DG6). LiDCO's technology, developed at St Thomas' Hospital in London, has been shown to significantly reduce morbidity & complications, length of stay and overall costs associated with major surgery.

LiDCO's Key Products:

LiDCOrapidv2 with Unity Software: a multi parameter hemodynamic monitoring solution for fluid and consciousness management of high risk surgery patients. In addition to the established functionality of the LiDCOrapid, the Unity software displays:

  • Continuous non-invasive blood pressure and consciousness monitoring.

The monitor now can be used to non invasively display hemodynamic and consciousness parameters for the entire surgical pathway. Now for the first time -from before the start of surgery all the way through to recovery - patients’ hemodynamic status can be optimized.

LiDCOrapid: a cardiac output monitor designed specifically for use in the operating theatre for fluid and drug management. The monitor enables anesthetists to obtain accurate and immediate feedback on the patient's fluid and hemodynamic status - a key measure of overall well-being before, during and after surgery.

The LiDCOrapid provides:

  • Early and rapid warning of hemodynamic change to aid choice of therapeutic route: fluid or drug
  • Quantification of hemodynamic response,
  • Guidance on effective delivery of fluids to ensure the right amount at the right time

LiDCOplus: a computer-based platform monitor used in the Intensive Care Unit for real-time continuous display of hemodynamic parameters including cardiac output, oxygen delivery and fluid-volume responsiveness (PPV% and SVV%)