Optimisation of intra-operative hemodynamics in major head and neck surgery

Patient Population
Head & neck surgery.

LiDCO Monitor

Short communication describing the use of a protocol for intraoperative fluid management with early experience in patients having major head and neck surgery, where oesophageal Doppler ultrasound is impractical.



Fluid administered by the anesthetist in guided by the LiDCOrapid monitor.

The authors intend to assess the efficacy of this protocol compared with existing practice through an RCT.

Abdel-Galil K, Craske D, McCaulc J. Optimisation of intraoperative haemodynamics: early experience of its use in major head and neck surgery. Br J Oral Maxillofac Surgery. 2010;48(3):189-191.

“We have found that the [LiDCOrapid] monitor’s continuously available, beat-to-beat, haemodynamic data are helpful in facilitating the giving of optimal fluids and drugs in a substantial number of our patients who are having moderate and high-risk anaesthesia.”