How to give a fluid challenge using LiDCO

Programming a fluid challenge on LiDCO

using the event response bar

How to program a fluid challenge on the LiDCO monitor.

When giving a patient a fluid challenge you can program this on the LiDCO which will continuously track the changes and give you a direct SV percentage change. This can be achieved by 4 steps on the monitor.

Step 1: To start the fluid challenge, press the GREEN play button on the Event Response bar

The Add Event Marker window will slide open.

press green event2.gif


Step 2: Fill in the boxes with an option of entering free text notes

Press the GREEN tick once done.

fluid challenge green tick.gif

Step 3: Commence your fluid challenge

The event response window will continuously track the event on a graph and with a percentage to the right which will be updated every 20 seconds.

SV graph data coming in.gif

Step 4: Once the challenge has finished, press the RED stop button and take note of the final percentage

This will indicate to you if the patient has been preload responsive or not.

red button flashing.gif

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