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Sepsis claims more lives than cancer and is more common than heart attacks. Recognising and treating sepsis earlier in the patient pathway is key to saving lives.


Emergency Laparotomy

Emergency abdominal surgery is associated with high mortality rates from 14% to 19% in 3 large retrospective studies in the UK, US and Denmark. This rises to over 24%…


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Royal College of Nursing
– Cardiac Output Monitoring

The only Royal College of Nursing accredited study day for Cardiac Output Monitoring.

Who should attend?

  • Critical Care Nurses
  • Professional Development Nurses
  • Junior Doctors

Topics Include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of cardiac output
  • Relevant Clinical Research
  • Practical, hands-on sessions with simulators
  • Competency based assessment

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St Georges Hospital
– Haemodynamic Workshop

Accredited 5 C.M.E. points from the Royal College of Anaesthetists

Topics Include:

  • Hemodynamic Optimisation
  • Considering the Evidence Base
  • Theory into practice
  • Implementing Technology: The practical aspects of E.G.D.T. and Enhanced Surgical Recovery
  • Observing Technology in the clinical environment

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LiDCOplus and LiDCOrapid in one monitor, with one disposable for the entire patient pathway

A full range of mounting solutions, battery / charging options so you can choose how and where to monitor your patients

Get immediate feedback on a patient’s fluid and hemodynamic status

Continuous, reliable and accurate assessment of the hemodynamic status of critical care and surgery patients